Passion and …….dreams, stories, territories,
landscapes, culture and tradition.
Drinking wine is not a pleasure  which stimulates
only taste  but can also be an emotion,
 an experience, a pleasure which captures the soul.

Passion and the firm conviction of appreciating the value of an ancient tradition, which comes from a culture which has enriched all of Europe, and from the great belief in the potential of a territory which too often has brought suffering, misery and perhaps for this, mortally wounded by its very own inhabitants.

“The Enotrians, a race which occupied the present regions of Basilicata and Calabria, created the foundations of our enology. The grape varieties which are still cultivated, like Malvasia, Greco and Aglianico were imported by the Greek colonies (from the VIII century BC onwards).
….and significant, speaking of which, the proverbial opulence and the culinary refinery of Sybarite society.

They drank a lot of wine from their hills since they affirmed that wine was an excellent antidote against extreme heat. Atheneous (in his "Deipnosophiste") confirms that the Sybarites started drinking before sunset and finished after sunrise. The wines were excellent and local. Since Calabrian wines were quite liquorish and perfumed, they were blended with sea water and other essences in Athens. In some cases the process foresaw the addition of sour black cherry leaves, or either raisins to the wine which had been reduced through boiling.”

The business, a small farm, is found in the municipality of Saracena, a town which clings to the hills of the Pollino mountains (today a National park), with the vines situated between 250 and 300 metres in the slopes close to the plain where the ancient city of Sibari stands.

The vines which are all completely native and kept intact through a lack of development of the territory, are called Gaglioppo (named after the old Aglianico and/or Lacrima, Guarnaccia, Malvasia and Moscato (Muscat). Saracena Moscato, Gaglioppo and Donna Marianna are produced thanks to farming techniques which have almost disappeared and craftsmen-like winemaking which is respectful of the territory and of its vines.


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